Minerals featured on these pages are for sale as indicated - where they form a part of my collection, they will be noted as such.

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The Agnew Nickel Mine


Agnew was the centre for nickel mining in Western Australia for a number of years. Huge sulphide orebodies were worked from a complex of shafts and decline, and I was invited by the mine geologist on a number of occasions to visit and collect from this amazing mine. Millerite occurred in thick seams of bright, brassy metallic sulphides - and occasionally as open cavities, which were lined with velvety sprays of divergent needles.

The headframe

Thick seams of solid millerite.

Millerite specimens for sale:

This is one of the finest pieces left. 7 x 3.5 inches.

A solid mass of furry millerite crystals forming the reverse of a series of mamillary masses of millerite. I think this is arguably one of the best millerites in existence.

Price: £1,500

These two photos are of another specimen - a mass of furry balls of millerite, the reverse of which is covered in nickel secondaries - mainly honessite.

Size: 3 x 2"

Price: £450

Superb display piece - furry millerite (apologies for fluff)

Size 3x 2.5"

Price: £500


Agnew from the surface:

The headframe, viewed from the mill.

A large opencut also supplied feed for the mill

This is the decline entrance.

Close up of the large specimen at left.

7 x 3.5 inches.




Same specimen as left, showing reverse - mass of furry crystals forming radiating masses and tufts.

Size: 3 x 2"

A solid mass of brassy millerite forming divergent sprays, with dusting of honessite.

Size: 5.5 x 2 x 2"

Price: £700